Relationship Enhancement Therapy:
Healing Through Deep Empathy and Intimate Dialogue

Robert F. Scuka

Table of Contents


Part One: Theory, Research and Methods

Chapter 1 Introduction to Relationship Enhancement Therapy with Couples
Chapter 2 The Empirical Validation, Application and Effectiveness of Relationship Enhancement Therapy
Chapter 3 Deep Empathy as the Foundation of RE Therapy

Part Two: Beginning the RE Therapy Process

Chapter 4 Conducting the Clinical Intake with Couples in RE Therapy

Part Three: Teaching the Core RE Skills and Launching a Couple’s First Dialogue

Chapter 5 First Session Post-Intake: Introducing Couples to the RE Model and Teaching Couples Effective Conflict Management
Chapter 6 Embracing the Other: Teaching Empathic Skill
Chapter 7 Communicating Respectfully and Dialoging Constructively:
Teaching Expressive and Discussion/Negotiation Skills
Chapter 8 Using the Experiential Format To Launch a Couple’s First Dialogue
Chapter 9 The Heart of the Matter: The RE Dialogue Process in Action

Part Four: Integrating the Other RE Skills into the Couple’s Dialogue Process

Chapter 10 Keeping Dialogues on Track: Teaching Facilitation Skill
Chapter 11 Getting to Win-Win: Teaching Problem/Conflict Resolution Skill
Chapter 12 The Challenges of Changing Behavior: Teaching Self-Change and Helping-Others Change Skills
Chapter 13 Integrating the RE Skills into Everyday Life: Teaching Generalization Skill
Chapter 14 Fostering Long-term Success: Teaching Maintenance Skill

Part Five: The Application of RE Therapy to the Treatment of Affairs

Chapter 16 Using RE Therapy in the Treatment of Affairs
Chapter 17 Clinical Examples of the Application of RE Therapy to the Treatment of Affairs

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